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About Us

Welcome to the Jaan Store Australia

At Jaan, we turn your alcohol fantasies into reality by offering you an easy access to the most premium alcohol & liquors. From your regular alcohols choices to rare liquors from around the world, Jaan makes a perfect place to find them all. If you find your happiness and solace in alcohol and enriching your collection of alcohol gives you great pleasure, we welcome you to explore the inventory of exclusive liquors at Jaan- the best online shop for alcohol shopping.

Alcohol enthusiasts of Indian origin must know the significance of the word ‘Jaan’.  Word means ‘life’ and ‘Love’ and signifies the importance is something in one’s existence. If you are a dedicated lover of alcohol, you must know how premium liquors can affect your personality and bring the best out of you. At Jaan, our aim is to bring you choices of alcohols and rare liquors that complement your personality and alcohol preferences.

What we do?

We do not magic, but we do the right combinations and the results are what you would love instantly. We play with flavors and combine the best from the West and the East to make tempting combinations. Our experiments result in some of the most gratifying liquors hat leave your taste buds dancing a tango. We bring forth the richness of flavors from the East and offer you a chance to indulge in a gentle whirlpool of perfection and taste that takes you to the depths of satisfaction and solace.

We are alcohol enthusiasts with a knack for creating flavors that are never tasted by the world but at the same time are something that makes you wanting more every time you take a sip. Without creative sense for alcohol mixing, extensive knowledge of alcohol, concentration and flavors and experience of creating flavorsome liquors for years, we are able to create alcoholic concoction that are every alcohol lover’s delight.

Our collection:

Allow yourself to be consumed by the world of alcohol at Jaan. An exclusive online shop where you can find some of the purest, rarest and most flavorsome liquors in the world. We bring you a collection of Paan Liqueur, Whisky, Ginger Liqueur and Spiced Vodka that cater to the fantasies of your taste buds. Our collection showcases world famous and some rare liquors that are ideal for the alcohol preferences and aspirations of the Australian man.

Once at JAAN, all your alcohol shopping concerns are sorted as we sell the best of the whiskey, liqueur, vodka, and many other liquors on an easy to access online platform.

Jaan Whisky

Get a new twist to your regular glass of whiskey with our range of Jaan Whisky. Fine whiskey finished with spiced infused casks this concoction carries distinct floral and spicy aromas. As you take a sip of the fine whisky, you feel a warm, comforting and mellow liquid flowing down your throat and satisfying every node in your body, mind and soul.

Jaan Paan Liqueur

Paan is one of the most refreshing and flavorful offering of India to the world. A combination of herbs and spices wrapped in the beetle leaf when chewed, makes an explosion of flavors in your mouth that leaves everlasting freshness. Now imagine the same flavorblast plus the amazingness of alcohol. Yes, the combination of Paan and alcohol is what Jaan Paan Liqueur is all about.

Jaan Paan Liqueur is a merry combination of Paan, vanilla, citrus and alcohol. The taste notes of this flavorsome beverage leaves you all mesmerized and wanting more & more.

Ginger Liqueur

When ginger, ginseng and exotic spices dance to the same tunes, you get a perfect blend of Ginger Liqueur. Add the sweetness ofmaple syrup to the combination and there you have a perfect liquor to satiate your alcohol thirsts.

Spiced Vodka

If you thought of Vodka being just a plain white drink, it’s probably the time to change the notion.  We associate with your undying love for Vodka, and bring you the finest of spiced Vodka collection in the entire globe. Our Vodka features the best quality and quenches you thirst for flavored vodka just perfectly. The Vodka is distilled 5x times and then infused with a range of flavors including spices, clementine, lemongrasses, ginseng and much more.

Then there are our ‘Creations’

At Jaan, we thrive on our versatility and our exclusive concoctions make our claims strong. We have conquered some of the most exotic alcohol mixes that are worth dying. Our creative alcoholism and knowledge of flavors and their best complementary mixes have resulted in some of the most premium concoctions such as Broken Down Rickshaw, Darjeeling Delight, Fortune Teller, Jaan & Cola and much more.

Filling the alcohol world with flavors

While alcohol at its purest is blissful, adding some complimenting flavors to this magical solution can accentuate the rewards. We understood this new side of spirits by experimenting on our own, achieving many successes while recording a few failures. Today, we are one of the premium Online alcohol shop were you can find the best, flavored and regular alcohol varieties.

A simple twist to your regular alcohol creates the magical effects that last forever. Indulge in the exemplary experience and taste the divine Jaan liqueurs. We bet you would have never had a better experience of indulging in alcohol before.

Jaan extends you a user-friendly and smooth way to access the best and most popular alcohols in the world and relish the taste and flavor blast. We are the best online alcohol store where you can enjoy the merry confluence of the taste from the West and the East and have a whole new experience.

We aim to make your search for flavored alcohol smooth and satisfactory. We ensure the best pricing and easy availability of stocks to ensure your glasses are always full!

Contact us or +61 420 780 000

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ABN/ACN: 30-645812933
Licence Num (Retail): 36163995 & (Wholesale/Pre-Retail): 33777753

Under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 it is an offence
. To supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years (Penalty exceeds $17,000)
. For a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or receive liquor. (Penalty exceeds $700)

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